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Ghost Ship of Prince Edward Island

Whilst doing research of Prince Edward Island where my latest wip, Envy The Wind,  is set, I came across a ghost story about a ship which has appeared since 1768 in the Northumberland Strait  the stretch of water which separates Prince Edward Island from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

The ship doesn’t have a name, but is described as having ‘crisp white sails and a black shiny hull’ that are completely engulfed in flames. She is not always sighted in the same place or a specific time, although more often between September and November whe she is believed to be the forewarning of a north easterly storm.

Attempts have been made to rescue the crew, one of which happened in Charlottetown Harbour around 1900, when a group of sailors reported they could see members of the crew running back and forth to avoid the flames. A rowboat raced toward the ship but it disappeared before they reached it. A thorough search was carried out by divers, but no shipwreck was found.

Sometimes large numbers of w…

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