Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Flora No 4 Coming Soon

No 4 in the Flora Maguire Mysteries
Scheduled for release on 1st November
from Aria Fiction

The Flora Maguire Mystery Series 

Flora Maguire was raised by , Riordan Maguire, the head butler on the country estate of Earl Trent on the edge of the Cotswold countryside where she shared an attic apartment with her father at night and the schoolroom with the daughters of the house during the day. 

Questions have always surrounded her mother’s death, whom Flora lost at the age of six. Vague memories return in disturbing dreams which have always haunted her, but Lily Maguire’s fate remains a mystery.

At eighteen, Flora became governess to the youngest child, Edward, where her status as neither family nor servant in the household taught her to be both discreet and observant in a Victorian atmosphere of secrets and half-truths.

Flora’s story begins in New York after a family wedding when she is charged with escorting Edward home to England on a transatlantic steamship. When a body is discovered on deck, Flora has questions for both the ship’s doctor and crew appear unwilling, or unable to answer.  
Enlisting the help of a charming young man on board called Bunny Harrington, Flora’s instincts are proved correct when a killer is revealed. 

Book 2 contains the revelation of family secrets during a personal tragedy which change Flora’s perception of herself forever, while in Book 3, her marriage to Bunny gives her more freedom to seek out murderers. 
In the 4th Book in the series, Flora and Bunny’s pursuit of wrongdoers take them into the darker sides of life, where a chance encounter during a case of child trafficking sends Flora on a personal quest to discover what really happened to her mother.

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Lisa Yarde said...

Can't believe it's up to number 4 already. Congratulations, Anita, and I wish you continued success.

C said...

Listening to book 1, read by the incredible Larrn Cass, right now. Hoping the other three will also be read by her. She’s the reason that I found your book, as I listened to two books Read by her by another author, and then on audible I clicked on more books read by her and found the flora Maguire novel.

So, any planned audiobooks?