Sunday, 22 January 2017

What is it about January?

I have always hated January; that post Christmas anti-climax when the next thing you have to look forward to is birdsong and daffodils. The grass is frost-tipped each morning, or it rains, then there's the wind that cuts to the bone, short grey days and long evenings, all of which I see as perfect conditions to line up my research books, computer and endless of supply of coffee and settle down to write.

But it doesn't make sense - I am at my most productive when warm and toasty inside with a manuscript that needs work. The reality is I spend the first hour on catching up with my critique group, answering e-mails and monitoring my Twitter feed, make my third cup of coffee of the morning and open my manuscript - keen to get to work.

What happens? I spend the next few hours tweaking dialogue, deleting scenes and putting them back again. I re-write my scene summaries to fit the new structure that occurred to me sometime at 2.00am the night before, then introduce something random that requires re-jigging of the story line as I decide the original story isn't dramatic enough.

Plot, plan, schedule - but not write.

After deleting the same rejigged sentence a few times, I go back to social media and mess about hoping something will come to me - it doesn't.  A day or so of this unproductive twiddling I can take - even a week can be regarded as a natural marinating period for new ideas to mature -  but a whole month?

I shall have to write it off as a failure - not the manuscript, the month.  Maybe I shouldn't even try and write until February - but then I'll spend January worrying.

I'll try again tomorrow.

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Petrea Burchard said...

My month has been exactly the same! It's frustrating. I've finally given in.