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Blog Tour-Nadine Dorries

Publishers' Blurb

The nurses of Lovely Lane – Dana, Victoria, Pammy and Beth – are now in their second year and are about to face some truly harrowing and difficult times on the wards.

St Angelus needs a new assistant matron, but the members of the Liverpool District Hospital Board have overruled Emily Haycock and Dr Gaskell in their choice. Enter the mysterious Miss Van Gilder from somewhere down south.

The life of St Angelus is soon disrupted as her proposals turn the running of the hospital upside down and threaten the jobs of the domestics and porters. But Miss Van Gilder harbours a dark and dishonest secret, and the staff – who are used to looking after their own – set out to uncover it. 

Will they do so in time, before her meddling begins to affect the morale of the nurses and put the lives of their patients in danger? For one very sick little boy, especially, it will be touch and go.

Interview With Nadine Dorries

Welcome to the Disorganised Author Blog, Nadine. I am delighted to…

Nadine Dorries Blog Tour


Interview with Nadine Dorries
Nadine Dorries is the author of the No. 1 bestselling Four Streets trilogy and Ruby Flynn. To promote her latest novel, The Children of Lovely Lane I am taking part in the blog tour.

Do stop by at The Disorganised Author for my Interview with Nadine about her new book..

Stops on the Tour:

28th November -  I Read Novels - Q and A 
29th November - The Disorganised Author - Author Interview 30th November - Rachel Bustin - Giveaway 1st December  -  23 Review Street - Extract 2nd December - With Love For Books - Q and A 5th December - A Sky Filled With Sparkling Stars - Extract

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King Edward VII's Coronation

Flora Maguire returns to Cheltenham in the second book in the series. It is summer of 1902 and the country is celebrating the coronation of a new king.

When Queen Victoria died on January 22, 1901, after nearly 64 years as Queen, her son, Albert Edward assumed the throne as Edward VII at the age of 59.  His was the longest service as Prince of Wales in history, only surpassed by Prince Charles on April 22, 2011.

Victoria and her son had a difficult relationship, with different approaches to both duty and life. 'Bertie' as he was known was the first royal heir to attend university, studying Chemical Engineering at Cambridge.

Prince Albert died of typhoid handling one of Edward’s first scandals, and Victoria blamed Bertie for his death and said of Edward : “I never can or shall look at him without a shudder.”

Bertie fulfilled most of the widowed queen’s ceremonial duties, although he was forbidden from seeing State Papers. His coronation was planned for June 26, 1902, a year aft…

Pinkertons Detectives

In my novel Murder on the Minneapolis, my female sleuth becomes friends with an enigmatic German gentleman with an interest in the man who died on board. He turns out to be a Pinkertons Detective, which led me to research the agency's interesting founder.

The  inception of the agency cannot exclude the remarkable life of, Glaswegian, Allan Pinkerton, who eloped with a singer, Joan Carfrae when he was 23, and sailed for Quebec with her the day after their wedding.

The ship ran into a storm off the coast of Halifax, blown off course and was shipwrecked in Nova Scotia. The Pinkertons were both injured, and lost everything they had in the submerged hold, leaving only what they were wearing and the silver Allan had in his pocket. When they stumbled onto the beachhead, the couple were surrounded by Indians who demanded their trinkets, including Joan’s silver wedding ring.

Changing his mind about Canada, Allan and Joan settled in Detroit, Michigan. He bought a wagon, a horse, cooking ut…

Flora Maguire Book 2

King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra are on the throne and Flora is now married to Bunny Harrington, and living in Richmond, Surrey with him and her mother-in-law, Beatrice. After a minor fire in their basement, Flora receives a telegram saying her father has died suddenly in a riding accident.

Heartbroken, she and Bunny return to Cleeve Abbey, with the intention of burying Riordan Maguire with her mother, who died when she was a child. When she discovers no one knows where Lily Maguire was buried, and with her father now gone, Flora sets out to discover if any of the longer serving estate staff can shed some light on what happened to her.

Although disapproved of by Lady Vaughn, the new tram system in Cheltenham gives Flora a certain independence, enabling her to go out and about asking questions about a mysterious poisoning incident her father appeared interested in before his death, as well as the mystery of a local girl who went missing after a summer fair.

Family secrets start eme…

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