It's Not RSI - It Was The Skates

I acknowledge that I spend more time than most people at my laptop, but I write, so it's to be expected.

Recently I have noticed pain in my wrists when I do other things, like taking tops off jars or removing plugs from sockets – for the benefit of my US friends, UK plugs have three prongs – I wouldn’t have this problem there with those wobbly, two prong fragile things - I have no idea how they stay in the sockets at all and why you don't all die in electrical fires....!  But I digress……

I have another theory about the sticky/sore wrist thing.  When I was six, I broke my left wrist roller skating and had to have my arm plastered to the elbow. No helmets or knee pads required in those prehistoric days. You attached a metal bar with wheels onto your shoes then too! [See pic above-these are so much like mine I could cry]

Four days later I did the same to my right arm and back we go to A&E to have it plastered as well. The doctor was concerned as to how I had managed two such injuries in a short space of time and suggested investigations for brittle bone disease. My mother laughed hollowly and pointed to where I was at that moment balancing along a three foot wall outside his office, one arm in plaster and the other in wet plaster and a sling. She turned a ‘That’s what I have to put up with’ look at the doctor who didn’t say another word.

He did however peer at me over his half spectacles and said, ‘Young lady, when you are older, those wrists of yours are going to give you some trouble.’

I was six – ‘Older’ had no meaning for me – I was more upset about the fact my mother had thrown away my roller skates! However, that eminent man’s words come back to me now when everyone tells me I have brought on the creaky wrist thing myself by all that typing and suggest I stop, or at least ease up a little.  

I can’t. I’m a writer - It was the skates – honestly!


Katherine Pym said…
I agree. It could never be that you sit at the laptop 12-14 hours a day, far longer than most people who work outside the home and even if you did work outside, you'd come back to the house and sit some more at the laptop, dreaming/writing of another time, almost another world.

Susan C. said…
Typing never gave me RSI - but marking essays does (it also drives me to drink, but that's for another reason!).
Maggi Andersen said…
Sitting for hours at the computer is bad for the body. Wrist and arm problems are a common complaint unfortunately. There are things you can do, stretches and a support from the chemist perhaps. Or you could buy software and talk instead of type.
Petrea Burchard said…
I can't relieve your wrist pain, but I can relieve your worry about your American friends. Three-prong plugs are the norm here now, so we're safe!
Anita Davison said…
Thanks for the reassurance Petrea, I have been so worried about you all! I feel better now. And I am being a bit of a hypochondriac about my wrists - a twinge is all it is at the moment.
Jennifer Pittam said…
I blame the hockey myself. Like so many UK girls, I spent far too much of my youth racing around with a group of semi-feral females all intent upon bashing one another's wrists and knees with their hockey sticks, if possible. It's got nothing to do with my writing habits. Nothing.

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