Steel and Lace 17th Century Antholgy

R E L E A S E   D A Y

Anita Seymour - Countess Spy
"Oliver Cromwell is triumphant and the king is dead, but Elizabeth, Lady Tollemache will never give up on the Royalist cause and pledges her loyalty to the exiled king."
 Anna Belfrage -
"Matthew Graham has the choice between staying in Scotland and risking death, or leaving his homeland and breaking his heart. Not the easiest of choices…"
Andrea Zuvich - The Chambermaid 
"I am as you find me. The wheel of fortune has turned and Vauxhall manor's rightful heir has returned"
Francine Howarth- The King's Courier
"Breeches do not maketh man any more than skirts maketh woman" 
Kelli Klampe - Secrets of a Princess
"They will take you even of they know the cost will take your very life"
Susan Ruth - Goblin Damn'd
"I fear this gentleman does not understand the jeopardy he is in. One does not simply walk into Woodhall and hold guns to people's heads." Will this do?
 M J Logue - Si du Doir Partir
"Russell Thought he would never be worthy of the only woman he'd ever wanted: Thomazine thought he was an idiot."


Petrea Burchard said…
That's an impressive collection of authors! Congratulations!

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