Thursday, 6 November 2014

REVIEW - Married By Midnight by Talli Roland


Christmas is coming . . . and so is the biggest day of Kate's life.

While choosing a vintage dress for her Christmas Eve wedding, Kate finds a cryptic note pinned to the inside of a 1930s gown. As doubts about her own ceremony loom, Kate is determined to track down the dress' owner and determine what became of her - and the marriage.

Will Kate find the answers she's seeking to propel her down the aisle, or will her discovery prompt her to call off the wedding for good?


This novella is perfect for curling up in front of the fire with on a chilly evening with a hot chocolate at your side. The theme of this charming light romance is that some people appear to need signs and omens to decide whether a relationship is right. 

Kate has a Christmas Eve wedding planned, but her last minute nerves drive her to seek a sign from the cosmos that she is doing the right thing.  She ignores all the tell-tale signs that Tim is not the man for her and puts up with some pretty annoying behaviour – but she hasn't learned that marriage doesn’t change men – it just reinforces their characters! 

Kate’s sister Bea, however, has her head firmly on her shoulders and tells her sister to trust her instincts.  Kate, however isn't at all sure of her gut feelings, and is encouraged by their mother, who is equally fixated on horoscopes and omens to guide her and

Kate's Mother convinces her to visit a rundown bridal shop, where surprisingly, Kate finds the wedding dress of her dreams. The note attached to the vintage gown is from the previous owner wishing her well. Kate decides to find this woman, hoping to be told a story of perfect love and marriage, or is she simply looking for a reason to call off the wedding to rugby-obsessed Tim of the student habits and doesn’t yet know it?  Possibly.

Kate’s search, carried out through social media, [where Kate discovers to her surprise that her mother has over 640 virtual friends] brings her into contact with the original owner of the gown, and Kate has to face her demons at last.

I have read some of Talli Roland's other stories so knew vaguely what to expect and this one didn’t disappoint. My only criticism is it was too short and I finished it too quickly. 



Talli Roland said...

Thank you so much, Anita!

Petrea Burchard said...

Too short and finished too quickly! A very nice thing to say about a book. It sounds like just the thing.