Sunday, 15 June 2014

New Release - The Rebel's Daughter

Later this summer, my first novel is about to undergo a
transformation into a new release by Books We Love
The first book in the Woulfes of Loxsbeare Series, entitled,

The Rebel's Daughter 

Helena Woulfe, the daughter of a wealthy Exeter nobleman leads a privileged life. 
However, as King Charles II's reign comes to an end, so does her innocence.

Rebellion sweeps the West Country and when her family is caught in its grip, 

she finds herself on the road searching for her missing Rebel father and brother 
after the Duke of Monmouth’s bloody defeat in battle at Sedgemoor.
Helena and her younger brother Henry, seek refuge with a kind family who take them in.

  King James II wants revenge on those who opposed him and their lives are 
further torn apart when soldiers ransack her home. 
The family estate is confiscated by the crown and given to their bitterest enemy.  
Feeling bereft and abandoned, they go to London. Helena hopes the city will overlook 

their past and she can make a new life for herself, and perhaps find love. 
Only, there are others lurking, willing to do harm to a traitor's daughter.

Before she can find happiness with Guy, the man who offers her the security and 
respectability she seeks, she learns her family’s allegiances can snatch away her 
safety at any time.


Petrea Burchard said...

Oh, yay!

Anita Davison said...

Thanks Petrea, busy working on the edits....