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New Release - The Rebel's Daughter


Kate Nash Literary Agency Day 2014

Yesterday I was invited to the second of what is becoming the annual meeting of my agent, the Nate Nash Literary Agency. New clients and stalwarts all met up in a grown up conference room, complete with projector, screen just like being at work again, to discus the past year and what our aims and hopes are for the future as serious writers.

Kate and Sarah gave us an excellent run down of the publishing world today, what is selling and what the publishers are looking for, plus some good advice about how to organise our finances which sounded rather too sensible, but to which I need to listen more closely.

After a chatty buffet lunch it was back to the conference room, where the conversation degenerated into a passing round the chocolate Hob Nobs, a moan fest about being misunderstood by the publishing world at large, the woes of being terminally broke and regarded as weird by our families.

In all a really great day where I got the chance to catch up with old friends and meet some exc…

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