Thursday, 6 March 2014

Astronauts and Authors

A mass of research is currently going into the future planned Mission to Mars, with emphasis on the people who have the 'right stuff' to endure 520 days in space, the time it would take to fly to Mars and back plus 30 days spent exploring its surface.

So what type of person is psychologically fit to go into space?

Apparently those who can live in relative isolation, endure living on canned food, showering once a week in accommodation consisting of four interconnected "habitat modules," comprising a 72-square-meter space comprising six individual compartments for the crew members (each with a bed, desk, chair, and shelves); a kitchen-dining room; a living room; the main control room; and a toilet with little communication with the outside world.

It appears the most worrying aspect is how astronauts en route to the Red Planet will handle psyche-crushing boredom, not to mention spend the vast majority of their time in weightless conditions, literally millions of miles from home, stuck in a tiny compartment, with no possibility of leaving.

Well this is a no brainer - an author of course. This sounds like bliss to me - no interruptions, perfect peace and quiet, floating in a gravity-free zone with easily prepared food and drink on tap with my laptop and a pile of research books.

I'm signing up - anyone like to join me?


Jane Jazz - TANTALUS said...

An entertaining post, thanks. It does sound rather tempting doesn't it, especially if they include a huge supply of... Mars Bars! JJ

Petrea Burchard said...

It does sound good! I'm never bored because I read and write. I'm a bit claustrophobic, though, so you can go in my place.

Rebecca Bradley said...

I was just thinking as I read it, did they have a kindle charger as they wouldn't have the room for books! :)

Anita Davison said...

Good point Rebecca - I'll add that to the list of 'essentials'