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Astronauts and Authors

A mass of research is currently going into the future planned Mission to Mars, with emphasis on the people who have the 'right stuff' to endure 520 days in space, the time it would take to fly to Mars and back plus 30 days spent exploring its surface.

So what type of person is psychologically fit to go into space?

Apparently those who can live in relative isolation, endure living on canned food, showering once a week in accommodation consisting of four interconnected "habitat modules," comprising a 72-square-meter space comprising six individual compartments for the crew members (each with a bed, desk, chair, and shelves); a kitchen-dining room; a living room; the main control room; and a toilet with little communication with the outside world.

It appears the most worrying aspect is how astronauts en route to the Red Planet will handle psyche-crushing boredom, not to mention spend the vast majority of their time in weightless conditions, literally millions of mi…

Trending Cozy Mysteries

According to those who know, and don’t ask me who they are, cozy mysteries first gained popularity with that master of the whodunit, Agatha Christie in the early 20th century.

Ms Christie had two main characters, the professional private detective and the little old lady with a sharp mind and an extensive knowledge of human nature. Her stories were contemporary, though now fall into the ‘historical’ genre, and many types of cozy mystery novels have evolved since then.

Everyone likes a puzzle, especially when the most work needed to solve it, is to read to the end. More dedicated readers will try and work out the clues as they go along in an effort to beat the author to the punch.

Interestingly, Ms Christies’ novels rarely provided the appropriate clues to do so – she tended to reveal the connections in the final round up of suspects and pull the proverbial bunny out of the hat. A bunny no one knew existed.

Arguably, cozies sell better in a series, where a reader becomes familiar with…

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