Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Review of Cupcakes and Chardonnay

I don't drink Chardonnay and I shouldn't eat cupcakes, but nevertheless this title by Julie Gabriel jumped out at me. If you are in the mood for a sweet romance with an unusual premise with an engaging heroine, this could be ideal. It's an in front of the fire, one-session novella with a cup of hot chocolate beside you. Enjoy....

Book Blurb

A sweet story about two people given a second chance at love ... a nicely satisfying read that leaves the reader craving some cupcakes!"— InD'Tale Magazine

Anita's Review

This story opens with an usual premise, with the heroine’s ex-boyfriend swanning into her life with a proposal. Marry me so I can inherit the family vineyard and I’ll give you two million dollars when my mother dies.

An offer not many would have to think about in most situations, but Suzanne remembers Daryle [with an ‘e’!] as a spoiled rich boy who glides through life cushioned by the family fortune and too lazy to wash his clothes so he bought new ones!

If that wasn’t sand under the toenails enough to put any hard working girl off, he calls her Suzy Q. If it were me I would reject him on that premise alone. But it isn’t me, and Suzanne could do with the money to expand her successful cupcake business. Despite the fact Daryle still sets her hackles up, he barges back into her life and orders her around – then throws her mobile phone out of his car window – seems he hasn’t matured much in the three years since they last met.

Suzanne is however fixed on the money, so goes through with the society wedding. However suffering pangs of shame and self-disappointment, the only person she knows who is invited to the wedding is her friend Brent, who pops up now and then as the – annoying – voice of reason.

There is an inevitability about this novella, but that doesn’t spoil the route the characters take to reach a mutually satisfactory goal. I enjoyed it.

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