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Review-The Final Witness by James Scott Bell

Book Blurb

Young, idealistic law clerk Rachel Ybarra has just been handed a career-making opportunity--helping in the prosecution of an infamous leader of the Russian Mafia. But when the star witness turns up dead, Rachel discovers the case is not merely a battle for the truth--it's a battle for her life.


I put my hand up at the beginning to say I am not a fan of inspirational fiction, but the author wove the main character, Rachel’s religious beliefs into the plot very well in that she has the courage of her convictions and quotes the scriptures to a dodgy defence lawyer to great effect. Can a good Prosecution lawyer be a Christian too? Interesting.

But already I digress - the story opens with Rachel’s interview at the law firm which employs her as a paralegal, asking a pivotal question as to whether her faith would be an obstruction to her job. This is followed by her having a serious panic attack at the pool, giving the reader some good insight into what drives her a…

Review of Cupcakes and Chardonnay

I don't drink Chardonnay and I shouldn't eat cupcakes, but nevertheless this title by Julie Gabriel jumped out at me. If you are in the mood for a sweet romance with an unusual premise with an engaging heroine, this could be ideal. It's an in front of the fire, one-session novella with a cup of hot chocolate beside you. Enjoy....

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