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Have You Been Plagarised?

I was sent a link from one of my fellow members of the Hoydens and Firebrands Blog this morning saying she looked up a blog post I wrote on the subject of 17th Century Funeral Practices. While comparing it with others, she came across one as almost exactly the same as mine.
On reading it I discovered she was right, in that the style, phraseology, and even the order in which the information was laid out looked eerily similar. Curious, I went looking for other sources, and within minutes found a second one which was again virtually the same as mine.
I am more bemused about this than annoyed - I mean the historical information wasn’t mine to begin with, compiled from various sources such as Maureen Waller's1700 - Scenes of London Life,which is a fantastic reference book, and Liza Picard'sRestoration London, but I did spend the time to compile it from different sources and write it in my own words.
I wanted to kill off one of my main characters and became fascinated with the ritua…

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