Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The Liebster Award

I admit to having put off this task because some imagination is required in accepting this blog award. However, it was so nice of Kerry Letheby to nominate me, I shall give it a go!

Quoting from Kelly - The Liebster Blog Award is an award bestowed upon bloggers by bloggers, the word Liebster being German, meaning ‘sweetest’, ‘kindest’, ‘dearest,’ ‘beloved’, ‘lovely’, ‘kind’, ‘pleasant’, ‘valued’, ‘cute’ and  ‘endearing’. The award encourages bloggers to continue on with their work in the blogging world, acknowledges them as gifted bloggers in their own right, and by nominating bloggers, you indicate that they are some of your personal favourites.

Here is how it works:

The nominated blogger must post 11 facts about themselves.
They must then answer 11 questions from the blogger who nominated them.
Then nominate 11 bloggers and give them 11 questions to answer.
Link to your chosen 11 bloggers in your blog post. 
Let them know you have nominated them.
Don't nominate the blogger who nominated you.

11 Facts about me:

1     I’m a Londoner married to a northerner and about to move into his territory now our kids have left home.
2     I  broke both wrists, my foot and cracked my kneecap twice before I was 8!
3     My first novel was published at age 50 [not the novel - me]
4     My next writing ambition is to write a cozy mystery - scrap that, complete a good cozy mystery
5     I hate avocados and scallops but love chilli and anchovies
6     I play rock music at full volume when driving
7     I love the 17th Century - maybe I once lived there.
8     I hate telephones, mobiles too, and tend to stick to e-mails - they can be edited!
9     I have an unhealthy reliance on my laptop - or so my family say.
10    I keep a pen drive containing all my current and finished manuscripts with me at all times
11     I wish I was a better writer - but I am working on it.

Answers to Kelly’s questions to me:

1   Who knows you best in life - My husband of 33 years - No it isn’t an Awwww moment, it’s infuriating. I cannot hide anything, or start a fight without him knowing what the underlying issue is. It’s so frustrating!
2   If you could spend your life doing anything you like, what would it be? - Actually I do spend my life doing what I want, sort of, though there are still elements I don’t like - housework for instance.
3   What is your earliest memory? - I was in my pram and my mother [probably] whisked me out and placed me on a blanket on the floor. I can see the pram wheel and the front door where the sun shone through the stained glass - and I was furious ‘cos I wanted to stay in the pram where my toy was - I was apparently about 8 months old. I didn’t cry though - I was always a silent seether!
4   What lifts you up when you are feeling down? - Writing, which takes me into another world where time passes at a different rate -  it’s my most effective means of escape.
5   What are you most thankful for in life? - Perfect health and my family-boring but true.
6   If you were given $1000, what would you spend it on? - A new laptop and more research books.
7   Are you a hot weather person or a cold weather person? - Cold - I cannot function in high temperatures - heat drains me, mentally and physically
8   Name one thing on your bucket list. - I don’t have a bucket list
9   What is your favourite movie? - I have two - Steel Magnolias and Practical Magic
10  What is your favourite 'get away from it all place'? - The Lakes in NW England
11  What piece of advice do you hand out most often? - Age has taught me that no one wants advice - whether they ask for it or not. What they want is affirmation of the decision they have already made.  So my response these days is that I hope whatever they decide works for them.

Here are the 11 blogs I've tagged:

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Hazel Gaynor
Cathie Dunn
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Here Are The 11 Questions I Asked my Tagged Blogs -
There is a theme running through here - Men and Food

1.     Belgian chocolate or Pino Grigio?
2.    Ryan Reynolds or Matt Damon?
3.    Ben and Jerry’s [any flavour] or crème brulee?
4.    Orlando Bloom or Johnny Deppe?
5.    Roasted duck breast or grilled goat’s cheese?
6.    Gourmet dinner out or nachos and salsa in front of the TV?
7.    Jamie Oliver or Raymond Blanc?
8.    Christmas turkey with cranberry sauce or goose with spiced orange sauce?
9.    Jason Statham or Daniel Craig?
10. Who would you cast as the hero in a film made of your latest novel?
11.   Who would you cast as the heroine in a film made of your latest novel?

Have fun responding to this, bloggers, and keep up the good work with your very entertaining blogs.


Petrea Burchard said...

Ooh boy! Thank you, and I'll get to work.

Lisa Yarde said...

I loved this post, Anita, especially the bit about Clive knowing you best. Though you may want to make sure he never sees that bit. You know you won't hear the end of it.