Friday, 15 February 2013

Guest Post - Laura Purcell

I am thrilled to welcome to my blog today a new and exciting author who
writes engaging novels set in the Georgian era. Laura Purcell's debut novel, 
'God Save The King' is about how the wife and daughters of 
King George III handled the fallout of his madness.


Book Blurb

London, 1788. The calm order of Queen Charlotte’s court is shattered by screams. Her beloved husband, England’s King, has gone mad.

Left alone with thirteen children and a country at war, Charlotte must fight to hold her husband’s throne in a time of revolutionary fever. But it is not just the guillotine that Charlotte fears: it is the King himself.

Her six daughters are desperate to escape their palace asylum. Their only chance lies in a good marriage, but no Prince wants the daughter of a madman. They are forced to take love wherever they can find it – with devastating consequences.

The moving true story of George III’s madness and the women whose lives it destroyed. 

From the Review of God Save The King From The Examiner

This is Purcell's debut novel and it is an absolute success! The Georgian period has rarely been covered in historical fiction and finally someone brilliantly offers it to readers. Purcell appears to be an expert on this time period as she beautifully portrays every detail of life in England for the Royal family, the events and politics going on in the world, and gives readers a look at the many members of King George's family. Purcell puts so much thought and detail in this novel, it is flawless.

Purcell's portrayals of Queen Charlotte, Royal, and Sophia are also powerful. It is heartbreaking to read about the journey into bitterness Queen Charlotte went through after the madness of her husband. Royal's story is also moving as she is trapped in a world where she loves her father, feels frustration towards her mother, and only escapes in her marriage to more disappointment. Sophia's story is probably the most tragic. The sickly young woman discovers love, but her role as a princess and daughter of a mad king takes that all away from her. These women are a fascinating joy to read about.

Purcell plans on writing more novels on the many historical figures of the Georgian period. Purcell has given historical fiction fans another fascinating period in history to enjoy! Welcome to the genre!

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