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Guest Post - David Pilling

I have a guest post on my blog today to appeal to all those Medieval enthusiasts – and I know there are lots of you.  David Pilling co-writes with Martin Bolton and their latest novel, ‘The White Hawk’ is set in England, 1459 during the Wars of The Roses. 

A Bolton, a Bolton! The White Hawk! "A Bolton, a Bolton! The White Hawk! God for Lancaster and Saint George!"
England, 1459: the kingdom stands divided and on the brink of civil war. The factions of Lancaster and York vie for control of the King, while their armies stand poised, ready to tear each other to pieces.

The White Hawk follows the fortunes of a family of Lancastrian loyalists, the Boltons, as they attempt to survive and prosper in this world of brutal warfare and shifting alliances. Surrounded by enemies, their loyalties will be tested to the limit in a series of bloody battles and savage twists of fate.

This period, with its murderous dynastic feuding between the rival Houses of York and Lancaster, is perhaps …

Christmas is Here

Since I was a child, going to Trafalgar Square to see the Christmas Tree, was always a highlight of Christmas. I am looking forward to seeing it again this year, an event which epitomises the season for me.

In 1940, when the Germans overran Norway, its King, Haakon VII, fled to Britain. While in exile in London, Haakon set up a government and planned his return to Norway once the war was over. He presented the first Christmas tree two days before Christmas in 1947 and promised one would be sent every year thereafter in gratitude for what England did for Norway between 1940-1945.

The tree arrives on or around the 6th December and is decorated in Norwegian style with 500 white lights.

Among the facts I didn't know, is that the tree is over 21 metres high and between115 and 120 years old when it is selected and felled from a forest outside Oslo, and takes five days to travel the 700 miles by boat to London.

This year, Oslo is also sending Norwegian spruces to Rotterdam and Reykjav…

Book News

Just doing a little bragging this Monday morning.  

After all the editing, proofing, which is still going on by the way, cover art tweaking and frantically checking facts to see I have got it right, 'Royalist Rebel', my 17th Century biographical novel about Elizabeth Murray is available for pre-order on WH Smithsand Waterstones - the latter has included a countdown of 45 days to publication!

Release day is scheduled for January 17th 2013 - so I had better get back to reading the final set of proofs. It's almost like Christmas!

Postcript - And today, [Wednesday] I am now on the Claymore Books Website too!

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