Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Pain of Publishing

A sobering thought, and  not one immediately apparent to those who wish to write. Had I known in advance how fraught with obstacles, discouragemet and plain indifference the world of publishing is, I may not have begun either. I'm almost there with my latest novel, though it still has to run the final panel of judges - the readers! So when does this 'pain' end - or doesn't it?

Here is an interesting observation on literary agent Rachel Gardner's blog by an author who understands fully the drawbacks, high points and depressing lows of publishing a novel.

If you love the work of writing and sharing your work with others, the pain can’t stop you. Nevertheless, the pain is coming, and you need to be ready for it: Ed Cyewski

Heavy stuff, but goes right to the point, and having been reminded, the main aim of this post is to thank someone who has supported me through that same painful process - my agent, Kate Nash, for her unfailing confidence in my work, when even I was willing to shelve the manuscript and start something else.  She told me 'not to be daft' [quote] and don't forget to keep writing. I should listen to her more.


Petrea Burchard said...

That's wonderful. Of all people whose support you need, of course you need that of your family and friends. But when it comes to the publishing business, if your agent isn't behind you, where are you going to go? She sounds like your biggest fan.

Jen Black said...

and we all needs fans as well as critics!