Friday, 14 September 2012

Switching Centuries

With the edits for my 17th Century novel almost done, I am now turning my thoughts to the 18th Century. I have found my heroine amongst the bewigged and powdered ladies of the Royal Court, what I need to do now is immerse myself in her era so I know how she and her contemporaries dressed, talked about, and how they conducted their daily lives in the London of the early 1700's. 

I have been in the 17th century so long in my head, I thought this may be a hard transition to make, but already I am halfway through Lucy Worsley's 'Courtiers' and I am beginning to see  it. And what a tedious and repetitive life the court ladies lived! And who knew that King George II exhibited signs of Asperger's Syndrome - fascinating.  I have also found some lovely blogs with lashings of useful information too, such as 'Georgian Junkie' written by Emery Lee and Lucinda Brant. Then there is The Duchess of Devonshire's Gossip Guide.  If anyone can recommend any others I would welcome the URL's.  I need all the help I can get with my research, but I am enjoying browsing through bookshops in search of suitable reference books.

I love this part of the writing process.