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That Dreaded Word - Promotion!

One of the first questions you are asked when the contract is signed and before you start congratulating yourself, is – how are you going to promote this novel? It’s a real heartsink moment for a writer, like me, who feels it is inherently wrong to beg people to read my book and tell the world what they think!

Research being my thing, I did some on this subject, and most editors say:
You should start to think about promotion before you start to write your book!
Oh dear, failed miserably on that one then. Next Question
What do you want to accomplish with this book?
Er-I want people to read it, enjoy it, have the main character linger in their mind forever and make them want to explore the places she once trod? Or is that too abstract and romantic?
Is this novel a one off or will there be a sequel. Do you see it as a film or TV drama?
Umm-No to both - Next question
Who are you trying to reach with this novel?
Anyone interested in history, England, the 17th Century, The English Civil War…

Editing Has Begun on Royalist Rebel

My groups may miss me for a while, well I hope they do - because that thing I have been fretting over for the last three months has finally begun - editing my upcoming novel!

I have handed my manuscript to someone who will take it apart and analyse the way I approached each scene, piece of dialogue or historical event in a certain way. Do I justify, explain and hang on by the skin of my teeth to the way I see it, or make the changes suggested because the editor knows what appeals to the reader?

Rationally, I accept this close attention will make the final product the best it can be, but it's still worrying. Part of me acknowledges that there are areas where what I am trying to convey may not come across correctly and an editor knows how to remove misunderstandings.

I don't yet know if she - and all my editors have been she - will handle both aspects of the process, i.e.content and copy, nor do I know how much re-writing there will be - i.e. whether she will ask me to 're…

To Write Or Not To Write

Most people agree that beginning a novel is the easy bit, but someone recently asked me how I find the dedication and drive to keep writing, and not give up until it's finished.

Then there are the hours spent editing, re-writing when something isn't working and the polishing. Not to mention beginning another one when it's finished.

Discipline? Dedication? Drive? Yeah right.

Sometimes I go for days when I cannot summon the inclination, or enthusiasm to write a word, and others when I want to write, even sit down with my books and computer all ready, but then for some inexplicable reason I stare at a blank screen for an hour and end up trawling through Facebook to see what my virtual writer friends are up to, or playing 'Jewels'.

Worse, are the days when I plough into a new chapter and type three thousands words and save the file feeling virtuous. Then when I re-read it the next day, a stomach churning realisation dawns on me that I wasted my time, and it's a loa…

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