I Need a Title....

I have been requested by my publisher to change the title of my upcoming novel due to be released early in 2013. They feel they need to, and I quote: 'place the book squarely within a historic context' 

They have a point, as my original choice was an emotional one linked with the heroine's personal dreams. So what would be a suitable title for an English Civil War Biographical Novel?

I need something that will make a prospective reader browsing shelves in a bookshop immediately want to read the story. [My novel is going into bookshops - yay!]

So what makes a title stand out, reflect the era of the story, its setting and the specific trials of the heroine as opposed to a general Civil War arena? I have been wandering about in a daze for the last day or so, reciting phrases aloud and scribbling in notebooks, so everyone thinks my laptop addiction has finally got to me and I have lost it.

I enlisted my agent's opinion as well, and would be interested to see what everyone thinks of our combined suggestions - so if you feel inclined, do complete the poll on the right hand column.


Hayley N. Jones said…
You have my sympathy - I'm terrible at titles! I voted for Cavalier Countess. The word 'Cavalier' evokes the setting really effectively.
BJ Kerry said…
Hi I voted for the Cavalier Countess. Do you mind if I comment on some of the others?

Don't scroll down if you do!

Lady of Ham? What is she a cook? of big boiled hams?

Royalist Rebel try saying that with a boiled sweet in your mouth.

The Night Countess too near night nurse the cough medicine or does it invoke porn star images.
Did I just add to your headaches?
I was only jesting!
Lisa Yarde said…
My personal favorite is I, Elizabeth Murray but since that still gives us no clue as to who she is, I suppose my next choice would be Royalist Rebel. It captures the essence of who Elizabeth is, in her political views and nature.
Wendy said…
This is hard, Anita. I like She Serves the King and I, Elizabeth Murray. I like the 'I' in the 2nd title, so I voted for I, Elizabeth Murray - this one sounds like an autobiography.

If you are still looking for ideas you might be able to take a few words from a relevant quote.

(as you can see my blogger is working now. I had to upgrade. We all must before Sunday)
Anita Davison said…
Thanks everyone - and especially BJ Kerry for giving me a laugh about boiled hams! I can always rely on my writer friends when I get stuck.
kathryn said…
I like Countess of secrets
Ginger Simpson said…
She can't be the Lady of Ham. I am...I'm also the Countess of Bacon and the Queen of Chops *lol* I voted for Cavalier Countess as the title just rolls off the tongue and gives the reader a clue as to the genre and content. I liked I, Elizabeth Murray, too, but that could be any genre, so I passed on it. I didn't care for Royalist Rebel as it makes her sound like a soldier, and if She Serves the King, then she sounds like a harlot...same with Countess of Secrets and The Night Countess. That's my take on things. :)
I, Elizabeth Murray sounds strong and bold, and signals this story is told through her perspective.
Vicky said…
I like Cavalier Countess because it squarely sets the time frame, but I'd like to see a little more of who she is, as well. Maybe play with it a little more using the word Cavelier?
Alison Stuart said…
I am a shocker at picking titles! The problem I had was choosing a title that didn't sound like a traditional "historical romance" which, knowing your writing, this isn't. So my vote was for 'I, Elizabeth Murray' but it probably doesn't evoke the period so choice #2 would be Cavalier Countess.

I'm afraid "She Serves the King" wandered into the realms of erotica for my twisted mind ;-) LOL.

Good luck.
Victoria Dixon said…
Yeah, I suck at titles. I voted for The Richmond Royalist with the hope that the cover would help the reader identify the likely location of Richmond. I almost voted for Royalist Rebel, but for some reason the alliteration bothered me more on that title than on the other.
Mirella Patzer said…
I voted for I, Elizabeth Murray, but would also add another suggestion - Royalist Daughter instead of Royalist Rebel.

Good luck choosing a name. I'm so thrilled to see this great novel coming into print.
Anita Davison said…
Thanks Everyone, it really helps to discover what your reactions are and which ones you feel work.
Talli Roland said…
Interesting to see the choices, Anita! I like the Cavalier Countess but then something about 'cavalier' turned me off. I voted for The Night Countess, because there's something very evocative about that for me. However, in retrospect, it doesn't really portray much about the Civil War. I like the suggestion of the Royalist Daughter.
Julie Connor said…
Congratulations on the bookstore placement. I'm thrilled for you! I voted for Countess of Secrets, but I liked Cavelier Countess, too. The Night Countess sounds like a different genre than historical fiction ;) From what little I've read about Elizabeth, I like her very much. She seems educated, strong, and able to take care of herself!
LizB said…
I, Elizabeth Murray just sang out to me. It's got style and it's different. None of the others captured my imagination. And I think it does place it in a historical context at once, because that's an old-fashioned way to write it.

It's so difficult, isn't it? I'm also a historical writer and you just have to get the essence somehow.
Jen Black said…
Definitely not Lady of Ham. Probably Cavalier Countess, though I think you could link two of them and have Eizabeth Murray, Cavalier Countess and thereby solve your problem!

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