Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Book Plug Alert

What's a personal blog for if you can't say nice things about your friends? I want to promote one of mine who has written some fabulous stories.  She decided to self publish these two novels, and I'm impressed that she is doing well, to the extent she has been offered a foreign rights contract.

'Sultana' and 'Sultana's Legacy', both take place in Thirteenth Century Spain during the final rule of the  Muslim Kings when the marriage of Fatima, granddaughter of the Sultan of Granada, and the Sultan’s nephew Faraj, causes a civil war. Faraj, struggles to regain his lost inheritance and avenge his murdered parents. Through the rugged frontiers of southern Spain, the burgeoning Christian kingdoms in the north and the desert states of North Africa, Fatima and Faraj survive ruthless murderers and intrigues, united against common enemies bent on destroying the last Moorish dynasty.

In 'The Legacy', Faraj and Fatima are the devoted parents of a large family, when a tyrant seizes control of the Sultanate of Granada. The power-hungry madman claims the throne and murders almost everyone Fatima holds dear. Fatima must preserve the legacy of her forefathers at all costs, risking everything, even the love and trust of her husband. Amidst treachery and intrigue, she stands alone against her adversaries, determined to avenge terrible losses.

This is not a genre I would normally choose to read about, but two chapters in and I was completely hooked with the beautiful writing, and well researched detail as to how the last Muslim family to rule Spain lived, loved and fought. The way she takes the reader into their personal and political lives, and her portrayal of the sumptuous Alhambra Palace is masterly.

Lisa has been researching this work for many years, travelling to Spain to do so and it certainly shows in her intricate detail and the emotion she has brought to her characters, their motivation and reactions to the violence and intrigue around them. The true story of Fatima and Faraj's arranged marriage when she was only a child, may not have begun as a love story, but the closeness and passion that develops between them over the years, carrying them through their various trials will touch your heart.

Lisa brings to life an ancient world filled with beautiful description and vibrant characters which transport the reader back to an ancient time. Filled with savagery as well as beauty and with lots of suspense, and vengeance, this story makes me wonder how anyone survived in those times.

Oh, and her other stories, 'On Falcon's Wings' and 'Long Way Home' are worth reading too!


Talli Roland said...

Oh, they sound fantastic! I love the covers.

Lisa Yarde said...

Thank you, Talli.

Anita, you are just wonderful. What a lovely surprise to get the subscription post from your blog and see this. You've been an incredible source of support and help in getting these two books completed and available. Thanks for the continued support, my friend.