A New Contract

Elizabeth Murray 1628-1698

I have some interesting news this week, in that my lovely agent Kate Nash has secured a publishing contract for my novel about the early life of Elizabeth Murray.

Pen and Sword Books specialise in Historical/Military Reference Books but are planning to bring out an Historical Fiction Imprint under the name of Claymore Books with their first titles planned for release in October.

'The Cherry Garden' is scheduled for release in early 2013, but the title may be subject to change.So for those who are interested, do keep stopping by and I'll keep posting as I go. And according to their Facebook page, Prince Charles visited recently, so I am in great company! - This is my favourite portrait of EM.


Louise said…
Congratulations! I just saw a Tweet about it and hooked up to your blog, hope that's OK. I love reading writers' blogs.
Anonymous said…
Well done, Anita! Exciting news.

sam x
Yay, great news! Congratulations, Anita.
Open that bloody champagne! I'll be there in several months to help you drink it!! LOL
Anita Davison said…
Thanks so much everyone - I am excited too!
Congratulations Anita!
Gillian Bagwell said…
Tell us more about Elizabeth Murray! Is that her in the portrait? It's lovely.
Congratulations! And I love visiting your blog due to the beautiful graphics!
Congratulations, Anita. That is wonderful news. And with a well established publisher too. This is the start of your road to victory! Enjoy every step. You know how proud I am of you!
Wendy said…
Congratulations, Anita. My heart is thumping at your success!! This is so well deserved. You are a beautiful writer and your subjects are so intriguing. I raise my champagne glass to you.:)
Maggi Andersen said…
I have read this story. It's beautifully written and a great historical tale.
MK said…
Congratulations! I would very much be interested in a book on that subject.
Anonymous said…
Wow, congratulations! It looks very nice. :) -laura h.

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