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Do You Feel Fury or Pity?

This weekend, someone posted to an author group about a writer - and I use the term loosely - who's published work was not their own.

This author was 'outed' in the, 'Dear Author', and 'Smart Bitches Trashy Books' blog, and although I avidly read everything that appeared, I was left saddened by this rather than angry - but then I wasn't one of the authors being plagiarised, so maybe I'm not the one entitled to react with outrage.

Although the book and all references to this woman have been removed from the publisher's website and their groups, I cannot imagine how the publisher must feel being duped like this when they evidently released the novel in good faith.

I can see that this is could be the downside of self publishing - it's easier to steal someone else's graft if you can do so with the click of a mouse, but this woman used a publisher - thus compounding her crime and making them culpable.

On the release of my own novels, my initi…

A New Contract

I have some interesting news this week, in that my lovely agent Kate Nashhas secured a publishing contract for my novel about the early life of Elizabeth Murray.

Pen and Sword Books specialise in Historical/Military Reference Books but are planning to bring out an Historical Fiction Imprint under the name of Claymore Books with their first titles planned for release in October.

'The Cherry Garden' is scheduled for release in early 2013, but the title may be subject to change.So for those who are interested, do keep stopping by and I'll keep posting as I go. And according to their Facebook page, Prince Charles visited recently, so I am in great company! - This is my favourite portrait of EM.

Are WIP's Like Shoes?

Do all writers have difficulty focusing on one manuscript at a time, or is it a sign I'm not serious enough about crafting 'The Novel' that my brain keeps playing around with different scenarios? This may not be so bad if I could tunnel the plotlines into the story I am working on, but they tend to cross the centuries. I come across a one line definition in a book that catches my eye and before I know it, I'm bogged down in research where I unearth loads of fascinating information, all of which is completely useless for my 17th Century story.

Never mind, files are made and stored on my hard drive for future reference and that next story - but at the same time I'm aware I have too many ideas flying around in my head and not nearly enough time to write a well rounded story out of each one.

Then there is that elusive thing called a muse, which decides to abandon me at the precise moment I reach an intricate part of the plot that needs total concentration. The more I f…

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