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The Enigma of Cozy Mysteries

Who hasn't heard of Miss Marple and Jessica Fletcher, but it seems there is s specific genre for these amateur sleuths known as 'Cozy Mysteries', and like all genres, there are rules about how to write one. I love such stories, and decided to try my hand at one - which has, of course, proved harder than I imagined but there are lots of blogs around telling me how.

A 'Cozy' is usually a murder where the character doing the clue gathering is often an amateur who becomes inadvertently involved because they knew the victim, or the crime happened in their backyard.

Clues should be evident and fair, but not too contrived, and red herrings, are allowed, but misdirections must be explained at some stage. i.e. an averted glance at an important moment cannot be left hanging. If the 'looker' isn't guilty, their actions need to be attributed to something else.

There is little or no violence, sex, or coarse language and the culmination of the story is that the vi…

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