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What Was I Thinking?

As I pointed out to an author friend recently when she asked how my writing was going: 'How can I concentrate on the 17th century when the 21st is riding my butt so hard?'

I couldn't abandon the 17th Century that easily, however, so instead of tackling a new wip, I have recently re-visited a manuscript that's been sitting on my hard drive for at least three years. I did what all the good author sites tell you -  Read It As If You Didn't Write It - Suffice it to say, I gave myself an unpleasant shock!

From a reader's viewpoint, the story is still engaging, [Hopefully] as are the characters, [even more hopefully] but my style strikes me as simplistic and naive. By that, I mean everyone's speech reflects their actions, the story moves from A to B with no sidetracking to F or G, and the villain is a villain from the outset.

It's not grammatically incorrect, or even clumsily written, but all those extra details I imagined weren't needed are missing - lik…

Fair Border Bride by Jen Black

In the interests of promoting the small press authors whose work I enjoy, Jen Black's story of 16th Century rivalry on the English/Scottish borders is not to be missed. Jen is definitely a name to look out for, and I happen to know she is working on more great adventures with these characters.
In a Northumberland market place in the year 1543, Harry Wharton, a spy to King Henry VIII travels to Scotland and encounters a beautiful girl named Alina Carnaby. Harry would like to linger but his secret mission takes precedence. However moments later, Alina is about to be gored by a runaway bull.

Harry steps up to the mark and rescues the lady, but learns she is already betrothed, and her father happens to despise anyone by the name of Scott, the name Harry gives to hide his true identity.

Before leaving for Edinburgh and the dangers of border country, Harry takes a detour to see what Alina’s home, Ayrdon, is like, arriving just as the estate is being visited by cattle raiders, and in the …

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