Thursday, 29 September 2011

I Dedicate This Book - To Me!

Someone asked me recently why I didn't add a dedication to my latest novel. When I begin reading a new book, I often skip the dedications page myself as most of them tend to be lists of the writer's family members, or the generic, 'to my darling husband', leaving me to wonder if their husbands and children actually contributed to the writing process, or if the author adds them automatically.   

I did add dedications to my first two books, the first in a Kate Winslet gushing way thanking everyone from my Mum to the milkman, but in the interests of not being repetitive and predictable, I haven't done so for my two subsequent novels.

I admit, this was partly through pique - as neither my husband nor offspring have even read the first two, so didn't see the original dedications anyway and I doubt if they will read the next two either. Besides, I'm not a real novelist am I as my books are only available online.

And what about all those times when they have come upon me typing away and have rolled their eyes saying:

You're obsessed with that effing laptop
Are you still working on the same book?
Editing? You've finished it, so why mess with it?
Have Harper Collins phoned yet? No? then why bother?
Did you know you've rubbed off all the letters on that keyboard?

So basically - stuff 'em! That flyleaf stays blank until at least one of them reads a book I have written!


The Time Sculptor said...

Ouch Anita, you sound pretty cross! I don't blame you though, why should you dedicate a book to those who can't be bothered to read it? Maybe you should show them this and shame them into it! They don't know what they're missing.

And of course you're a proper novelist! If people read you, it doesn't matter in what format, does it?

Best of luck with your latest novel :-)
Jane Gray

Anne Whitfield - author said...

Oh LOL!!!

Loved this post. It is brilliant!

And you're damn right too!

Mary said...

Way to go girl!
Just read this post and it really me me laugh.

Alex Davison said...

oi... just read this - you had better take that back... I always support you and those comments are not mine!!!

Anita Davison said...

Ooops - sorry Darling Daughter, I apologise and yes those comments were mostly your Dad's!!!!