Friday, 9 September 2011

Friggin Passwords!

My e-mail account has been hacked - again. This time it didn't simply clog up my contact list with spurious e-mails, the hackers have changed my password so I cannot log on. I can also no longer get into my Yahoo groups. When I go to the 'Help' section and click the relevant box, I get a message that says, 'To change your password enter your old password'.
But it doesn't work!
So I click the, 'I no longer have access to this', and it says 'Wait 24 hours and come back to this page where we will ask you your securty question.'
What security question? Oh, the one I set up six years ago and have never had to use since? That security question?
If I cannot recall what answer I gave then, does it say 'Wrong answer! Every trace of you has been obliterated from our system and you no longer exist.'
Ain't technology wonderful?


Jen Black said...

yes, and annoying at the same time! But hopefully, you remembered your security question?

Anita Davison said...

I did thanks Jen, although I needed more than one try - it's amazing how ambiguous a straightforward question can be!

Maggi Anderson said...

Maggi Andersen Hi Anita, how are you? I quite agree about passwords, and what about those unreadable security questions? LOL.