Friday, 30 September 2011

Culloden Spirit Released Today

Book Blurb
Carrie Gordon's season in her native York was an unqualified success, until the young man who paid her so much attention married someone else. 

When her family takes a summer trip to her father’s ancestral home in the Scottish Highlands, her handsome Scottish cousin, Duncan McRae, takes an immediate dislike to Carrie, mainly due to her father’s plans to refurbish Cair Innes castle which is in need of extensive repair beyond the means of its present owner and resident, Iain McRae.

Carrie feels the vacation will be a disaster until she discovers a strange young man while exploring the derelict castle, However, she soon learns Ruairi McRae is not what he seems, and the battle he intends to fight was lost by his clan a hundred and fifty years before.

Will Carrie be able to accept that she cannot be part of Ruairi’s world? And when the Roma arrive to camp on Bucks Meadow as they do every summer, who is the beautiful gypsy girl Duncan won't talk about?


Carrie wandered back into the entrance hall to peer behind another door in the corner. Smaller than the others, it opened to a flight of narrow stone steps with a frayed rope handrail that curled downward into the bowels of the building.
Assuming what remained of the kitchens lay at the bottom, Carrie was about to descend into the darkness when a sound above made her pause, listening.
Is someone here?
More intrigued than nervous, she climbed the curved staircase, the treads of which dipped in the middle from thousands of footsteps, to the tiny balcony overlooking the entrance hall like a miniature stage. A narrow window looked onto the courtyard, and off to the right lay a short hallway with light patches on plaster walls where paintings had once hung.
At the end, a wooden door stood ajar. Carrie’s pulse thrummed in her temples as she extended a hand to widen the gap, but before she made contact, it swung open.
“Coom in,” a male voice said.


Carol A. Spradling said...

Congratulations, Anita! This is a must-read!!!

Lisa Yarde said...

Anita, congratulations on the book. I'll get my copy soon.

Anne Whitfield - author said...

Congratulations on your release, Anita! I hope it sells shed loads for you!
I'm getting my copy!

MK said...

The title alone has me wanting to read the book. Brings back fond memories of my visit the monument and that part of the world. Lovely cover too.