Sunday, 25 September 2011


It's my birthday - although I think I'm over the formal opening of presents at the breakfast table ritual. I remember when birthdays used to be anticipated for weeks and family whispered together in corners and pointedly changed the subject when I appeared - well I think it was my birthday they were discussing [!] The day itself always felt different and every trivial wish was granted because it was a special day.

As the years have passed, my centre-of-the-universe-for-a-day status has been gracelessly downgraded - until when I woke up this morning I almost forgot it was my birthday. I have played them down for the last few years as the numbers mounted up, besides, I don't feel any different - until I look in a mirror and see my mother staring back at me.

This year the celebrations, have been postponed as everyone seems to be busy. My phone is full of texts saying, 'the dinner has to be next week', 'the cards are on their way', and 'the pressie is tucked away at home but we are away this weekend, drop it off when we next see you'.

Ten years ago this would have upset me, but not this year, I am thrilled my kids have busy lives and my birthday has been relegated to an alarm set on their mobile phones where it belongs. I hate surprises anyway, I need to know what to prepare for, and nowadays I am asked what I want in advance, which I regard as a bonus.

And there were croissants for breakfast - so today's not so bad! 

So Happy Birthday to all fellow Librans, especially my birthday twin, author Diane Scott Lewis.

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Alison Stuart said...

A happy birthday for Sunday, Anita!

My birthday falls slap bang in the middle of the January summer holidays (and 3 weeks after Christmas). Nobody ever remembers it. I have often thought I should be like the Queen and have an official birthday in March.