Friday, 8 July 2011

Romance Is In Short Supply

My crit group were debating a recent newspaper article that said women who read romance novels expected too much in their relationships with men and were doomed to fail.  I posted this on the group and it drew a few LOL's so thought I would share it with all my creative friends.

Romance tends to take a back seat in my life these days, but having lunch in a wine bar this week with my husband of thirty-one years, he began running his foot along the inside of my thigh underneath the table.

Touched at the gesture, I leaned forward and smiled across at him. He then lifted his foot to examine it and said, 'Denim was always great at adding a shine to leather. These shoes look good now don't they?'

Ah well, at least I can honestly say he never bores me.


Lisa Yarde said...

Thanks for adding a gut-busting life to my day.

Cathie Dunn said...

I read that article as well. Pah! Just because the one woman they interviewed was frustrated it doesn't mean that all other romance readers are wallowing in sad relationships as their other halves clearly won't match the high expectations. Hmmm...

Thanks for sharing your hubby's romantic streak. ;-)

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