Trencarrow Secret Released Today

I'm pleased to announce my novel Trencarrow Secret is released today, and no doubt you will all see the lovely cover Delilah Stephans designed for me popping up all over place. This is because I have nagged, cajoled and pulled in favours from all my author friends to feature it on their blog this month.

So apologies if you are all sick of it by this time next week, but hey - I'm aiming for some sales! I have some lovely offers to do reviews as well, but if anyone would like to do one for me please e-mail me here

I have put together a book blog too to give prospective readers a flavour of the story and Isabel's era here.  [Or Click the link on the right hand bar]

Book Blurb:  Isabel Hart is afraid of two things, the maze at Trencarrow where she got lost as a young child, and the lake where her brother David saved her from drowning in a boating accident.

With her twenty-first birthday and the announcement of her engagement imminent, Isabel decides it is time for her to face her demons and ventures into the maze. There she sees something which will alter her perceptions of herself and her family forever.

Isabel’s widowed aunt joins the house party, where her cousin confides she is in love with an enigmatic young man who surely cannot be what he pretends, for he is surely too dashing for homely Laura?

When Henry, Viscount Strachan and his mother arrives, ostensibly to use her ball as an arena for finding a wife, Isabel is determined not to like him.

As more secrets are revealed, Isabel doubts she has chosen the right man, although her future fiancé has more vested in this marriage than Isabel realizes and has no intention of letting her go easily.

Will Isabel be able to put her preconceptions of marriage behind her and take charge of her own life, or is her life destined to be controlled by others?


Gillian said…
How exciting! Best of luck with the book.
Kate said…
Congratulations. Getting published is a huge achievement and historical fiction a tough market so well done and I hope it sells really well.
Congratulations on your release, Anita!
It's a wonderful story!
Congratulations, Anita! This is a beautiful story with lyrical prose.
I wish you a million sales.
Talli Roland said…
Wooooo! Massive congrats, Anita! Wishing you every success in the world with it.
Lisa Yarde said…
Congratulations, Anita, I've seen it on a few blogging sites already. Good luck with sales.
WallyR said…
Congratulations wonderful to have the book published!!!

Wally Rabbani
Susan C. said…
Good luck with the novel, Anita - I'll copy this to Facebook today, and to my blog next week.
Congrats, Anita. I bought it from Amazon and it's on my kindle. Can't wait to read it.
Big squeals of excitement on this end! I've been waiting what seems like forever for this one. Congratulations, Anita.
Carolin said…
I remember reading this in the critique group - the first thing I ever read of yours! So glad you found a publisher, and it's coming out now. You certainly deserve it. Nice cover!!!

Big congrats!
Alison Stuart said…
Delighted to see a new Anita Davison on the shelves. Wish you all the best with it, Anita!

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