Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Promotion Strategy

I have this English reticence about asking for things and when it was time to promote my first two books, I was, quite honestly crap at it. I sent out obsequious little notes asking to please please take a teensy look at my work, and if you don’t have time I quite understand and I'll just scuttle back into my corner and not bother you again.  Well why should they? If I wasn’t yelling from the rooftops how good the novels are, how can I expect a stampede to read or review them?

Since then, I have had almost three years in which to participate in the promotion of my author friends’ books, and come to the realisation that on release day, which happens to be this Friday for Trencarrow Secret, book blogs everywhere feature new releases repeatedly. That it doesn’t matter if the articles are unique for each one, it’s the appearance of the cover art that makes the impression. Readers will remember a beautiful image far better than that the author's Mama put a crayon in their grubby little fist at the age of six and they had been writing ever since. [I was four by the way]

This time, I have nagged, cajoled, persuaded and called in favours from my author friends to feature my new book on their blogs, and I have sent it to all the review sites I could find to garner some opinions. Not all responded of course, but one surprising thing is that people are now canvassing me, asking if they can do a blog post on Trencarrow Secret or an interview with me.  

I’m no longer the author who hides behind the door – No I can shout too - Go on, buy it, read it – it’s good!  Did I mention the title? It's Trencarrow Secret! 


Jen Black said...

Great stuff, Anita. I ought to be doing the same for SHADOWS, but... I can't get my father-in-law's favourite saying out of my head. "Self-praise is no recommendation."
My parents said the same sort of thing. Hamstrings you for this kind of promotion, doesn't it? Full marks to you for beating it!

KarenG said...

Way to go! And wishing you all the best for your new release!

Lisa Yarde said...

Haha, this is so you! One of the things I've always loved about you is that you're so humble and one of the sweetest souls on earth. But please never feel that you're asking too much to have friends who you've done so much for return the favor. Personally, I love it and can't wait see read Trencarrow Secret on my kindle.

Anne Whitfield - author said...

Of course your book is good! LOL
Silly woman, shout it from the rooftops! Not many people can say they have had a book published.
Be proud of your achievements - you deserve to be.