Monday, 4 April 2011

Bad Reviews and Tantrums

A link passed to me by a close friend featured the case of an author taking exception to a review posted on that font of all book knowledge, you know the one beginning with A. 

I am not going to mention the author’s name, she has received more than enough, albeit adverse, publicity. But you know what they say, all publicity is good publicity, but suffice it to say [what is it with me and the cliches today?] this author was really displeased by the review, to the extent that she subjects the reviewer to a tirade of abuse and finishes by suggesting they indulge in simultaneous sexual activity and travel......

I thought it was an unwritten rule that no author should ever respond to an adverse review,  even if that review is blatantly unfair, or they didn’t understand the plot and were unsympathetic to the characters. One reviewer stated on their blog: ‘ there are some authors out there who are willing to stalk a reviewer if the review is anything less than perfect.’ Stalk! Really?

Reviews are only opinions, not the last word in literary excellence and authors have to accept it, move on, and if there is a grain of truth in the criticism, do better next time.    

This particular reviewer likes to read Inde published books in order to give them a hearing, so they need encouraging, not harassment. We have enough problem gaining credibility for our work without some writers exhibiting unprofessional tantrums when someone doesn’t like what we have written.

Some Inde Author Review Blogs:


Sheila Lamb said...

It makes me wonder if that person was ever in a critique group? Of the many benefits of a critique group is a way to thicken the writer's skin.

Maggi Anderson said...

Sometimes it's awfully tempting though.

~Sia McKye~ said...

I wouldn't want to be known for my tantrums, lol! Yah, I read much of it on Amazon. Holy Cow. She sure has the whole concept of shooting herself in her own foot. Actually, the review wasn't nasty, but she sure was.

Wendy said...

If it is the same one I saw, where she berated the reviewer and swore at her detractors, I'd have to say from her comments her writing left a lot to be desired. I'm happy to forget the title of her book and her name. The other comments were quite entertaining, and I think the reviewer, who maintained his dignity, will have lots more hits on his site.