Monday, 7 March 2011

Still Offline

This is to apologise to all my critique partners, whom I have horribly neglected lately, but being cut off from the internet and four miles from the nearest town is frustrating, but at least I have managed to get my first round of edits done for Trencarrow Secret. Museitup Publishing have scheduled the release for June, so expect to get there with the line edit etc.

The crummy weather hasn't helped my mood, being cold, damp, cold again and then wet - but the sun is out today and there are compensations. Firstly, I found a Jacobean mansion owned by the National Trust to visit.

.......and a stream runs along the front of our property and the banks are jammed with snowdrops. On clear nights we can see hundreds of stars too - not something we ever saw much of in London with all the light pollution.

Hope to be back online soon.....


Anne Whitfield - author said...

Ooohhh, a manor!!
Tell me all about it when you get a chance!
perhaps there's a family you can write about from there???

Jen Black said...

I've given you A Lovely Blog Award - pop over to my blog to find out more - hope you'll be back with us soon.