Edits Are Done - Well Almost

My lovely editor Karen McGrath at Muse sent me my first round of edits for Trencarrow Secret a couple of weeks ago, and for the first hour I was too nervous to open the file. I anticipated large tracts of my narrative with strike throughs and the words 'rephrase', 'explain' 'omit' all over the place.

'Why,' I can hear you ask, 'if you imagined all that, did you submit an incomplete manuscript in the first place?'
Well, I didn't, this novel has been through two critique groups, but give me an author who truly believes his/her manuscript cannot be improved by some hard editing, I will be very surprised.

I am a perpetual tweaker - in that I can always think of another way to say something. Not necessarily better, or more eloquent, but different - thus I create work for myself which may, or may not improve the final novel.

My second round of edits arrived last week, and the comments were so brief and intermittent, removing a word here and replacing one there, I took no more than a weekend to make the changes she suggested. OK I'm being smug, but that doesn't mean I expect this release to sell thousands, merely that my confidence as a writer is growing- Yes, Lisa I can hear you muttering, 'Finally!'

Now I had better get on with planning my blog tour and getting some reviews. And I want to wish Karen all the best as she hasn't been well lately, but she stuck with my manuscript, working through it like a real trooper.


Lisa Yarde said…
Well, I wasn't going to say anything but...thank Jesus! Can't wait to see it in print.
Anita Davison said…
Oh yes you were...........
Anita, this was previously, The Maze, and is a beautiful story, written in your beautiful style.
Congratulations on getting it out there.

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