Who Won't Make NYT Bestseller List

This was sent to me by a friend who is embarking on self publishing and has reported on the furore of e-book versus paperback pricing.

Amanda Hocking consistently writes bestselling books available on Kindle, that currently hold positions in the top 50 of e-books selling on Amazon. To date she's sold 185K of her last eight books since April of last year. She's just 26 and is self-published, so won't make the NYT Bestselling list.

Not familiar with Ms Hocking's work, I went to her blog and must say her covers are amazing and even though I don't read her genre, the blurbs looked interesting.

She's quite an inspiration with an impressive list of titles under her belt and even more impressive sales - but she's 26, so it's obligatory that I hate her!!


I can only hope some way, somehow, that more people learn about this. It just seems unfathomable to neglect one of the top selling authors on Amazon.

BTW, I haven't read her books either, but having come across her at Kindleboards, she seems very grounded. I wish her all the success in the world.
KarenG said…
Will check out her blog. The sales figures for some indie authors is putting the traditionally published to shame. But overall I think it's like any kind of publishing, there is no magic trick to making it, some do great and others don't. But yes I am jealous too!
India Drummond said…
I found Amanda Hocking through an indie authors blog, and I was intrigued, so I downloaded the sample chapter of one of her "Tyrelle" books.

I don't usually read YA, but I was drawn in by the plot and characters... enough to buy the book, and then the sercond one in the series as well.

It's so exciting how well some indie authors are doing. I know not every indie book is going to be a runaway success like Hocking, but it's encouraging to see the possibilities. It's a glimmer of hope out there for authors who have struggled for years, only to run up against the gatekeeper over and over.
Ginger Simpson said…
Gees, I hate her, too. How does one sell so many books in a sea of millions? Does she share any tips?

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