Leaving London

In response to those who have asked why I shall be offline for a while, and that's quite a few, this is for all of you - It's because my husband and I have had a stressful couple of years – make that five, but finally things appear to be falling into place and we hope to make more time for ourselves in future. Why does that sentence make me feel really, really ancient?

Anyway, to facilitate this change of lifestyle, we are moving to the country - I was totally against it at first – I love the River Thames, having the High Street five minutes’ walk away and being a forty minute train journey to London. OK so West London isn’t perfect, the pavements and roads haven’t been repaired for years [and this is in an area where 4 bedroom houses sell for £1.5 million!] The recession has left every sixth shop front empty,  and as for the traffic! - it can take forty minutes to travel two miles, plus every street has cars parked nose to tail on both sides.

To get through, you have to challenge the other guy to a game of ‘chicken’ and force them into a gap - because they won't do it voluntarily. These lovely London-style houses are mostly Edwardian when no provision was made for cars – most don’t have drives unless the owners choose to give up their front garden – yup £1.5 mill and no front drive or garden!

We have leased a cottage in the Cotswolds, on the Oxfordshire/Warwickshire border to get us used to living with cows and sheep [OK so I’m exaggerating-a bit] and find a permanent house we really like to make our [last?] home. Naturally, my dream is the olde worlde manor house with a contemporary interior in a county town and his lordship would prefer a cabin in the woods with a shed the size of an aircraft hanger he can smash stuff up in [Those weren’t actually his words but the result will be the same]

Our daughter thinks it’s great, and wants to bring all her friends for chill-out weekends in the country, whereas our son thinks we have lost our minds and that we’ll suffocate once we get a mile away from a tube station???

I hope to get some writing done in all that peace and quiet – or am I fooling myself? But who knows, it may give me some inspiration. These pretty villages with rows of honey-coloured stone cottages all seem to have History Societies where they delve into all sorts of fascinating local facts. Wish me luck.


I think it will be brilliant for you! Your writing will flourish and so will your health for both of you.
Relax and enjoy the charm of the countryside, make sure you go out and see it. Talk long walks, buy a couple of dogs, chickens, etc and smell the roses!

I wish you both the very best.
Talli Roland said…
Wow - how fantastic! London will always be here. Enjoy the country - and the writing!
Lisa Yarde said…
I would feel sorry for you having to go through this upheaval, except I've seen where you're moving! Just short of heaven. I'm sure you will the most of any new place, and I wish you both the very best. Did I mention how jealous I am?
Ursula said…
Sounds like a dream come true, now I want to move to England.
Good luck with the move, and happy writing in the country.
Debra E. Marvin said…
Blessings on your transition and the new home. I don't envy the moving and all the settling in but it does sound lovely, Anita!
Jen Black said…
Good Luck! Make sure you don't pick somewhere that floods and yu'll be fine.
Deborah Swift said…
Good Luck - moving home is a stressful time, but worth it for the change and the challenge. I'm sure your new environment will give you more inspration!
Ginger Simpson said…
I wish you love and luck, but I know you'll make the most of wherever you land. I see good things in your future.
Gillian Bagwell said…
Sounds great, Anita! I will be in London March 25-30, maybe we can meet up?
India Drummond said…
I hope you just love it. I adore living in the country... I just can't stand crowds and traffic and noise. I know moving can be stressful, but I hope it's a happy type of busy and you really enjoy the new digs.

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