Sunday, 23 January 2011

Writers Are Allowed To Be Slobs

In her interview for The Sunday Times this week, Fay Weldon says she writes in her dressing gown, because, 'With fiction, the nearer you are to your unconscious, the better. Once  you dress, the real world surges in'.

Now I know why the best phrases slip through my head when I'm either drifting off to sleep or slopping about in pajamas, hunched over my first coffee peering through my tousled hair. I always wondered why, when I am washed, dressed, made up and poised in front of the keyboard - nothing happens. Like Fay says, it must be because I have moved beyond that twilight world where thoughts tumble and play like dandelion head parachutes and moved to a sharper, more focused plane.

Ms Weldon also maintains she writes in the morning, because creativity comes out of the woolly, right side of her brain, whereas in the afternoon, her editor comes out of the right side of her brain. She also says,'when I'm stuck, I play a computer game like Ceasar III and Civilisation II'.  Yay! And I thought I was being lazy and employing diversionary tactics to avoid the actual writing. It also makes my request for a DS Lite XL this Christmas more a need for a legitimate creative tool and not the source of hilarity my family took it for. I got one too!

Bring on the duvet and Ceasar III, I need some inspiration.


Anne Whitfield - author said...

Such a good post. I prefer writing in the mornings, but I always have a shower the minute I get up. I need to have the first load of washing on, too. Then I feel I can sit down and write.

Maggie Andersen said...

What a relief to know that I'm not alone, but am a member of an exclusive club of slobs.
[via Goodreads]

Laura Purcell said...

Yes, yes, yes! Take that, housework.