Wednesday, 12 January 2011

To Tweet or Not?

I have consciously avoided this latest innovation in social networking sites after hearing all the self indulgent trivia the 'celebrities' churn out. You know the sort of thing - they cut their toenails or order a latte and have to Tweet it! There has also been a furore about tweeting with advertising blurb on products they are under contract to represent.

Journalists everywhere love to name, shame and tear them to shreds because of their conviction that the entire world hangs on their every banal thought. I'm not that self-indulgent - or am I?

My critique group and new publisher expound the Twitter Site's usefulness for promoting our work and posting reviews/excerpts etc - their opinion being this is one site which does get to the readers and gives us all a forum to answer questions about our books and, because most authors are also avid readers, give recommendations for others in our collections.

Phillipa Gregory tweeted The White Queen - all of it - daily over three weeks – in the voice of Elizabeth Woodville, Queen-Consort of Edward IV. “I posted the tweets every day, so people had the experience of reading the story in instalments, but since it was considered a work of creative writing, I actually wrote it as one piece of work over several weeks.” The novel is Gregory’s most successful to date.

Well that made me think - so I caved - I haven't decided if that makes me a weakling or a genius. But I'm there! Thanks for those who have Tweeted me so far, my followers list is growing nicely.


Lisa Yarde said...

Glad you decided to tweet. It may seem like nonsense at times, but I've found that the value of Twitter is in following. You never know what good publishing or marketing tips may come your way.

Stephanie Lindsay Dunne said...

When a writer writes well, we listen. Love your site.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Twitter is brilliant, I've found out all sorts of things I never would have found out otherwise (useful stuff too i mean!) and made loads of new connections! Thanks for following me and I'll return the favour!