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Writers Are Allowed To Be Slobs

In her interview for The Sunday Times this week, Fay Weldon says she writes in her dressing gown, because, 'With fiction, the nearer you are to your unconscious, the better. Once  you dress, the real world surges in'.

Now I know why the best phrases slip through my head when I'm either drifting off to sleep or slopping about in pajamas, hunched over my first coffee peering through my tousled hair. I always wondered why, when I am washed, dressed, made up and poised in front of the keyboard - nothing happens. Like Fay says, it must be because I have moved beyond that twilight world where thoughts tumble and play like dandelion head parachutes and moved to a sharper, more focused plane.

Ms Weldon also maintains she writes in the morning, because creativity comes out of the woolly, right side of her brain, whereas in the afternoon, her editor comes out of the right side of her brain. She also says,'when I'm stuck, I play a computer game like Ceasar III and Civilisatio…

To Tweet or Not?

I have consciously avoided this latest innovation in social networking sites after hearing all the self indulgent trivia the 'celebrities' churn out. You know the sort of thing - they cut their toenails or order a latte and have to Tweet it! There has also been a furore about tweeting with advertising blurb on products they are under contract to represent.

Journalists everywhere love to name, shame and tear them to shreds because of their conviction that the entire world hangs on their every banal thought. I'm not that self-indulgent - or am I?

My critique group and new publisher expound the Twitter Site's usefulness for promoting our work and posting reviews/excerpts etc - their opinion being this is one site which does get to the readers and gives us all a forum to answer questions about our books and, because most authors are also avid readers, give recommendations for others in our collections.

Phillipa Gregory tweeted The White Queen - all of it - daily over thr…

Reading Revolution

My DH is a dyed-in-the-wool traditionalist and has always insisted inde and small press publishing isn't 'real' and that I cannot regard myself a published author until one of the recognised publishers buys one of my novels - and that means offering a respectable advance.

It was with great reluctance he bought me an E-Reader for my birthday, saying he would never touch it as he hates the idea of 'reading from a screen' and nothing will replace proper paper books. He regarded the arrival of self-publishing as a vehicle by which those who cannot make the grade put their, mostly, raw and unedited work into the public arena.

He reads three/four books a week, and his favourite genre is something called cyber-punk' [Think, Blade Runner, The Matrix and the works of John Birmingham] Over the last few months, with bookshops cutting back on titles other than celebrity coffee table books and authors they know will sell, his supply of new titles has dried up. This situa…

Review of Trencarrow Secret

My first review of my upcoming novel, 'Trencarrow Secret' was posted on the Bookbabes Blog today:  It's a little early as the novel isn't scheduled for publication until June, but still.

I have been honored with a sneak read of Anita Davison's upcoming novel, scheduled for June 2011 release, Trencarrow Secret.  I have never read any of her previous work, so I took a chance when I accepted a pdf file from the author.... and... I liked it!

I want to share this book with everyone and I realize it's awful early, but this way you can add it to your TBRs and wishlists and possibly closer to its release date, preorder it if you want.

Trencarrow Secret is a Victorian novel about family relationships, growing up, and marriage.  Isabel is a young woman vacationing with her family for the summer.  She discovers her father in a questionable situation with her ailing mother's nurse.  This brings up numerous questions for Isabel.  She discovers her parents had a marriage …

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