Wednesday, 29 December 2010

To A Happy and Prosperous 2011

For all my followers and anyone who stops by my blog.  This New Year's Eve I will be tucked up under a warm duvet and leave the revelers in Trafalgar Square to get on with it - I used to do that but there's a lot of hanging about in the cold beforehand and the fight for the Tube after!

This Christmas Eve we took the entire family, including one in a wheelchair, on The London Eye and saw the city lights from the sky - fabulous. And how lovely were those people on duty - we were fastracked to the head of the queue and they stopped the car to allow the wheelchair on and off and were so nice and cheerful about it.
Happy New Year to Everyone


Mary said...

Happy New Year when it comes! Will it be an official 'duvet day'? Enjoy :)

Victoria Dixon said...

Sounds lovely. Every time I see the Eye, I think of Doctor Who reborn. LOL I love Doctor Who. ;D Enjoy all the approaching duvet days!

Andrea Franco-Cook said...

Have a happy and prosperous New Year.

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