Thursday, 18 November 2010

Some Days .....

Are there times when your cynicism is so embedded, when someone does something nice it takes you by surprise - so much so you wonder how you managed to become so jaded in the first place?

My DH booked his car into the garage to have the brake linings replaced - or something like that - who knows, I don't get involved with that sort of thing.  Anyway, the garage ordered them in and before DH took the car in for its appointment, he got a puncture. He called the garage and warned him he would probably need a new tyre as well because there was a large screw sticking out of it!.

He dropped the car off and whiled away an afternoon in Starbucks with buckets of coffee and his laptop, then went back for the car, prepared for a minimum four hundred pound bill for the work.

The garage owner handed him the keys and said, 'That'll be £15.'
'What? Didn't you replace the brakes and a tyre?'
'The brakes weren't that worn, they were dirty though so I cleaned them for you. No charge for that. And the tyre was almost new so I just repaired the hole. I'll have to charge you for that though.'
DH couldn't believe it. An honest garage owner?
It made his day - and restored a little faith in humanity.
Now if we could come to a similar arrangement with the Inland Revenue....

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Talli Roland said...

I'm stunned. STUNNED!

And actually, funnily enough I got £300 back from Inland Revenue last week. And I hadn't even applied for tax back! Of course I'll probably owe them that amount again next year, but still!