Sunday, 7 November 2010

Guy Fawkes Has A Lot To Answer For

Dogs and cats hate them, the fire brigade isn’t keen and offer repeated dire warnings about not following the instructions on the box. Sensible mums and dads take their kids to organised ones and the rest of us close the curtains and pretend it's not happening.

Yup, bonfire night arrived again this weekend and although I am not a killjoy - No, I'm not! I've done more than my share of standing around in muddy fields on frosty nights and eaten burnt sausages, rounding up excited kids who have no idea what even a small flame can do to you and got ash in my hot chocolate. 

This year, however it's beyond a joke. The fireworks started in neighbours' gardens at around 6.30 pm on Friday night - the official Guy Fawkes Night, and went on until two-thirty in the morning. Then Saturday night it began again, flash, bang, wallop all evening until after midnight. Now it's 6.45pm on Sunday night and they are at it again!

The New Year's Eve ones on the Thames are wonderful sight and who could complain to see thousands of people crammed onto the Embankment ooohing and aaahing to some fantastic pyrotechnics. A few whizz bangs and catherine wheels in a suburban back garden can hardly compare.

However, I hear the little grey men of the insurance industry and the town hall bureaucrats are slowly closing down community bonfires while blaming the largely mythical 'elf and safety.' And what a shame that would be in this 'don't have fun whatever you do society we are becoming' - though I wish the neighbours were all on the Embankment right now!
Photos-London Embankment New Year's Eve 2009


Amy DeTrempe said...

I can't even imagine fireworks going from that early in teh evening until after midnight. However, I would love to witness New Years Eve along the Thames. Maybe someday.

Anne Whitfield - author said...

They did it here in Australia. No backyard fireworks, to many idiots setting people's property's alight, especially in drought season.
Now it's only organisations who put on the odd firework display locally.
We all wait for New Year's Eve in Sydney. They do a good show each year. I enjoy watching it on tv! LOL

Talli Roland said...

Oh, I SO agree. We've had non-stop fireworks almost for the past two weeks! Enough already!


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