Sunday, 17 October 2010

Publishers and Authors

For any authors who believe its a cynical view that to the publishing houses, you are only as good as your next book - there was an interesting article in this weeks Sunday Times- Amanda Foreman, who wrote 'Georgiana' on which the film, 'The Duchess' was made, writes about her writing life as an historical author.

She met the love of her life and married him in 2000, then went on to have a baby a year between 2001-2007. During her last pregnancy when she carried twins, her pelvis cracked in half and she was bed-bound for six months, fearing she may never walk again.

She has been working on, 'A World on Fire', a history of the American Civil War for the last ten years, for which she was paid an advance by Harper Collins. Alarmed by her frequent pregnancies, HC cancelled her contract and asked for their advance back.

Ms Foreman says she felt a loyalty to the company, pride at being with them etc and she had sold 'a gazillion copies of Georgiana' and the film was a success. So 'it was terrible to discover it didn't mean anything to them at all.'

'A World on Fire' will be published this month by Penguin (UK) and Random House (US)


Lisa Yarde said...

Interesting; frequent pregnancy as a life-altering disability. Discriminate much? I hope she sued the pants of them, actually. Never read so much rubbish in my life.

Ketutar said...

Oh dear... Well... I bet Random House is going na-na-nah...

Rosalie Skinner said...

Yeah, I agree Ketutar, Random House ONE... Harper COllings NIL.
Hope 'A World On Fire' eclipses all expectations.
Thanks for sharing this snippet of amazing information, Anita.