Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Ghosts and Bumps In The Night

Halloween is coming, and hollowed out pumpkins are popping up all over the district. I’ll do my thing and buy little packets of gummy ghosts and witches’ hats to distribute to the marauding little darlings who crowd the front door, despite the fact they probably eat sweets every day of their lives so another round of sugar harvesting ought to be an anti-climax.

Over the last couple of years I find myself giving more thought than usual to the paranormal.  I write 17th Century novels as a rule and am happiest with Cavaliers and Roundheads, Sedan chairs and carriages with men in long curly wigs and tight hose showing off muscled calves. 

I wanted to prove I could move convincingly into other genres, so I started a Victorian Romance, and somewhere along the way, a ghost turned up and insisted I insinuate him into the novel. Not as a main character but he does have an influence on my heroine.  Then I began to write the second Victorian Romance, and another ghost intruded and became an essential part of the plot.  I didn't invite either of them, they just arrived.  So then I wrote a Halloween Short Story, but that ghost was less of a surprise and he was easy to weave into the text!  I’ve just had a thought, all my ghosts are men.  Anyway, both Victorian Romances are being published by MuseItUp next year, so maybe they know more than I do.

I am going on the Ghost Tour by candlelight at Ham House this Halloween Night, maybe my first female ghost will have something to tell me.....other people say they have seen her, so who knows?


History and Women said...

I'm so jealous - Halloween at Ham House! I'd love to be there with you.

Have a wonderful time.

Debra E. Marvin said...

Waiting to hear how the tour goes. And I'm looking forward to 'seeing' your ghost in a chapter soon!