My DH has a stinking cold this week and because he was trying to avoid me catching it, he gave me some cold remedy - without reading the label. I assumed he had etc. etc.  I'm sitting at my laptop with Elizabeth Murray and my palms start itching, then my scalp prickles painfully. My heartbeat steps up to an alarming level and my throat starts to constrict - not enough to stop me breathing, but it feels like a hand gripping my neck and the tubes up to my ears. Then my ears burn - inside and I am turning bright red all over!
I asked DH what was in the cold remedy and he starts digging in the bin for the packet.
'Er - Paracetamol.'
'You do know I am allergic to paracetamol don't you?'
'I forgot to look.'
'I hate you. I'm going to itch and burn for the next two hours.'
'Sorry - go and have a bath to cool your skin down and would you like your tea in bed?'
'That's the least you can do. You can also battle with the Mums and kids at Sainsburys tomorrow - alone. And I am going to write all day because I can't do it now - to sit with a hot laptop on my thighs would kill me in this state. There'll be no ironing, no housework, no conversation - got it?'
'Er-OK. You have gone ever so red, and your breathing is rapid too - but you always do that when you're pissed.'
'Oh, shut up, and get that tea. I'll be in the bath.'
'Shall I get you one of those warning bracelets in case you get run over in the street?'
'Sod off!'
'Sorry,' his plaintive little moan follows me as I storm out.

This has happened four times in the last year, and the last three were because DH gave me brand-name painkillers which neither of us realised contained paracetamol. Each time it happens, the reaction is worse and lasts longer.


Lisa Yarde said…
My poor Anita. I hope you feel better soon. I still say, poor Clive as well. I'll bet he's going to be the perfect house husband this week, even more than before.
Am I bad becaise this gave me a giggle. Poor you, and poor Clive!
Ginger Simpson said…
Oh...having had a similar problem with an allergic reaction that sent me to the hospital, I can relate and empathize with you. But, here's a clue...stop accepting medicine and medical advice from Clive...the next reaction might just kill you.
Anita Davison said…
Perhaps I'm missing the point and he's trying to do away with me?? I'm not even insured....
Anita, please read all the labels next time! We don't want to lose you. If you're not insured, he probably won't bother to off you.
Every time I'm sick my husband calls the Porsche salesman...hmmm.
Nicole said…
Not a nice experience by any means, but I cant help but recognise the symptoms which are not too dissimilar to the menopausal flush. So on the bright side your man did you a favour by giving you a taste of what you will experience in the distant future.

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