Saturday, 4 September 2010

Krakow Waltz by Kate Allan

I attended a booksigning last night for my agent Kate Allan's new book, Krakow Waltz published by Wild Rose Press.

Book Blurb: The Honorable Miss Annabel Wells needs to marry to save her reputation. Yet even in her dire straits she cannot bring herself to accept Mr. Henry Champion, an ordinary English gentleman without property or pedigree, no matter what she feels about him. She marries a Polish count but when her husband is killed in a duel and Henry comes all the way across Europe to her rescue, can there be a second chance for love? Leaving behind the drawing rooms of High Society London where he's feted as a Waterloo hero, Henry Champion finds more danger lurking in the dark streets of the city of Krakow than he bargained for.

We started the evening at a local cafe and then adjourned to a pub adjacent to the bookshop for an hour where the RNA members gathered. We must have looked strange, this bunch of middle-aged women drinking wine and fruit juice amongst a pub full of hard drinking locals who looked like they were advertising a tattoo parlour.

The writers were an interesting crowd, among whom were Melanie, who writes as Louise Allen for Mills and Boon, Jane Holland, and three other lovely ladies of the RNA called, Jill, Lyn and Lin, whom I didn't get much chance to chat to - must stay longer next time. However, when someone throws into the conversation they have just released their hundred-and-something book, I tend to melt into the shadows and not mention my paltry efforts!

Melanie and Jane gave us an entertaining half hour on the subject of stalkers, advocating pseudonyms because if you write under your own name you attract this peculiar species. Theirs follow them around to conferences and writers groups and add crypic, and sometimes threatening comments to every blog on which they appear. Melanie's stalker says she has made life impossible for small men as all her heroes are six foot or more! She also has one who cknows who the names of all the Mills and Boon cover models.

So that's it then, I know it will have made the grade as an author when my first stalker shows up!


Talli Roland said...

Glad to hear the launch went well! This book sounds great - I love Krakow.

Aren't the RNA women awe-inspiring? I was talking to one at the conference who wrote something like 50 books! Wow!

Anonymous said...

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