Thursday, 23 September 2010

Birthday Blues

Just about now, the title of this blog is particularly appropriate and I'm definitely getting in a mess. This could be author overload, but I have a feeling age has something to do with it!

I am trying to knock a novel into shape ready to present to my agent - she instigated the premise and I am prepared for her to say, 'That isn't quite what I was hoping for', well OK I'm not, but that could explain why I'm stalling and keep re-reading the ms.

I have a book release next year and my editor will want to begin edits soon - very soon - I also have three book reviews due, three blog posts scheduled for the coming weeks as well as a few outstanding critiques and - oh yes - a husband whose feeling neglected - not to mention the house!  'How can you forget where you put the hoover?'

And another thing, it's my birthday on Saturday and the family have organised a small party to take me to this lovely restaurant - and I am too depressed about the impending number to be enthusiastic! Can't I just make one up? Or even better start subtracting numbers instead of adding them?


Victoria Dixon said...

As this year's Queen of 40 Blues, you have my permission to subtract numbers. I plan to next year. I remember when I set down a goal to have my first novel published by my 25th birthday. God, I was such an arrogant idiot. I had no clue and it made this birthday really difficult. I so sympathize. :)

Andrea Franco-Cook said...

First of all, happy birthday my fellow Virgo. I too went through a similar malaise a couple ago. FWIW, I realized I was focusing on the negative, and failing to see the positive. God has blessed me with three beautiful, healthy boys. So far (knock on wood), my husband seems crazy about me, I have a beautiful home, and I am pursuing my dream to become an author. In the whole scheme of things, age is just a number. If I were to die tomorrow I could honestly say I've had a good life. I guess what I'm trying to say here, and not very eloquently is, don't get so caught up on the thorns that you forget to smell the roses. Enjoy your day my friend.

Bea Sempere said...

Happy Birthday! Think of the number with five zeros behind it, and pretend it's the money you'll make from your book. :D

Birthdays aren't about the number, it's about the spectacular day you came into the world. Have fun on Saturday.

Congratulations on your book release. Enjoy the journey.

Lisa Yarde said...

As one of my favorite singers said, age ain't nothing but a number. Go on and tell people you're still 25, those who adore you will keep the truth that you're actually 26.

I know all that you do can feel a little overwhelming, but it's time for a little confidence in yourself. You've written a great book. Several critiquers whom you've known and worked with for many years can't be entirely wrong. Now, you need to send that baby over to Kate and trust her opinion. You already know what she thinks of you and your writing. And have a very happy birthday.

Rebecca Ryals Russell said...

Anita, you're in a BIG OL' boat with a bunch of other people. There are days I sit and stare at my computer while a thousand errands run through my head, trying to decide what is most important to work on today.

I love the new Victorian website; it's beautiful. I'm going to place a link on my site for you.