Second Chances

Recently I posted to this blog about a new E-Pub named MuseItUp Publishing founded and run by a dear friend of mine, Lea Shizas. My previous experience of e-pubs was not a good one, so I wasn't seeking another for the novels sitting on my hard drive. However, another great friend, Ginger Simpson, and who in the e-pub world hasn't heard of this lady's lovely stories in a range of genres - how does the woman do it? She sang my praises to Lea, bless her and to shorten this story, my previously published debut novel is going to undergo a transformation of re-editing and honing to be re-released under the title 'A Rebel's Daughter'.

This post is by way of a thank you to Lea for granting me the wish many new authors have - that they could just go back and correct those glaring errors they made in their first work but didn't know enough to recognise the first time round.

This is an exciting project for me, and with Lea's expertise and the help of her great editors, I really feel this story will be so much better for the attention. Lea has an impressive list of forty authors and almost eighty titles scheduled for release from October 2010 onwards. Lea's website will certainly be worth watching in the coming months.


Anita, we're thrilled to have The Rebel's Daughter. And just remember you got the contract not because I know you but because you have a terrific writing voice.

And totally thankful to Ginger for nudging you our way. :)
Talli Roland said…
That's brilliant, Anita! Congrats!
Ginger Simpson said…
I didn't have to sing your praises very loudly; your work speaks for itself. I recognized that you would be a great asset to any publisher, not only because of your talent, but your team spirit. Finding you and Lea as friends on the internet has been a blessing in ways that have nothing to do with being an author. And what I appreciate about Lea; friendship doesn't ever sway her decisions. If she doesn't like what you wrote, she'll reject your submission, friends or not. I know from personal experience, and she was absolutely right on about what was lacking in my particular story. Anyhow...seems I've turned all gushy here. *lol* I'm happy our joint association as MIU allows us to interact more often. Miles may separate us, but the Internet brings us closer. :)
Deborah Swift said…
Congratulations! Sounds like a very interesting project.
Lisa Yarde said…
Congratulations, Anita, I look forward to seeing the book.
Anita, you deserve this contract and I love the new title. I read both these books and the historical detail, characters, are wonderful.
I hope to sell my novel Elysium to Lea if I can ever finish the revisions.
Maggi Andersen said…
Congrats Anita! I'm sure it's a wonderful book and I wish you great sales.
Victoria Dixon said…
Congratulations, Anita! It's certainly a golden opportunity.
Anita, I'm so happy for you! I know you are snoopy dancing! Congrats! I just discovered that I can download e-books on my Droid phone on Amazon's Kindle and Barnes & Noble's Nook. I hope to download the app and try it out soon.
Vicky said…
Whoo hoo, Anita! A writer's dream come true! Congrats (and don't spend too much time on your rewrites because I want to see how Elizabeth turns out!)

Vicky E the Kiwi

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